Irrigation Maintenance & Repair in Knoxville, TN

  • We service all major brands: Hunter, Toro, Rainbird and more!
  • ​Irrigation Startups, mid-season Audits, and system Winterizing.
  • Certified backflow testing and certification as required yearly by your utility district.
  • Backflow Preventer repair
  • Irrigation Repair: Whether it is simply a broken head or a break underground, we can fix it!
  • Valve locating service

Lawn Care Services in Knoxville, TN

Lawn Care
Lawn Care
  • Fall Aeration & Overseeding is a service we provide to reestablish your fescue lawn after the harsh summer temperatures.
  • Tree & Shrub Treatments provide pest and disease protection for your plantings surrounding your home, protecting your investment.
  • Mosquito, Flea & Tick Control Treatments are a good way to reclaim your outdoor space. As an added bonus your furry friends will love, these treatments work on ticks and fleas.

East TN Mowing Maintenance & Services

  • We service strictly residential clients for mowing service.
  • Weekly mowing service as needed during the season (we do not offer bi-weekly service at this time).
  • Full service packages are available, to include: Bed weeding, Mulching, Pruning, Fertilizer/Weed Control, and Irrigation Services.

Fertilizer & Weed Control 

east tn lawn fertilizer service
lawn weed control service
  • Turf Care Program (fertilizer & weed control) is our 7 application program designed around what your yard needs. We assess each property to determine what is needed for the very best results.
  • Keep your lawn, plants, & gardens healthy with professional weed control & fertilizer services